Know How to Extract Attachments from EML Files


Various users have to extract attachments from EML files. Are you also one of those users looking for a tool to download attachments from EML files? If you think so, don’t worry; we will talk about it here. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the best techniques for extracting attachments from multiple EML files in a single process …

User may need to extract email attachments due to various reasons such as: To share attachments, open email attachments separately or perform other types of work. When a user finds himself in this situation, he searches for the topic “How to save attachments from EML files?”.

The Reasons to Get Attachments from Email files

There are multiple reasons due to which users are looking to download attachments from EML files. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • To keep a copy of their attachment files.
  • Extract attachments from multiple EML files into one file
  • If the user wants to share attachments with another person
  • Attachments can be presented in courts as evidence.

Apart from the above reasons, there are numerous reasons why users need to extract attachments from EML files. These may vary from user to user. The reasons may vary from person to person depending on their needs.

Some users want to save some attachments and others want to extract EML files in bulk. Let’s take a look at both methods to help users to complete this task smoothly.

In this web tutorial, we simply explain the method to export attachments from EML files. EML file has been used by many email clients like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. It is an email message file extension. It also includes a single email message file along with header information, hyperlinks, and attached files. EML file format is also used for archiving purposes.

What are the different ways of extract EML attachments?

There are two ways to extract attachments from EML files:

  1. Manual technique
  2. Non manual technique

#1 Manual solution to download attachments from EML files

You can manually download attachments from EML and save them in the desired location. But the manual process is not easy, it takes a long time and also requires the installation of an email client.

To extract attachments manually, users need to open their EML emails one by one to download the attachments. Because of this, it has become a long and difficult process. The disadvantages of using the manual approach are:

Risk of losing important data

After performing the task of extracting the attachments of EML files through the manual technique, there is also the possibility of a data loss scenario. Users might lose their important data and emails after using this approach.

Create multiple mailboxes

Users cannot attach multiple mailboxes at the same time with this approach to transfer messages at any cost. There is also the possibility of system damage and data corruption.

It requires technical knowledge and a long process

This manual way is boring. Non-technical users cannot complete this process without technical assistance. Users need technical knowledge to use this solution.

#2 Simple trick to save attachments from EML mail files

The best solution that users can try to easily extract unlimited number of attachments from multiple EML files at once is to use a tool like 4n6 EML Attachment Extractor software. Users can use this software utility to efficiently extract attachments from batches of EML files. In addition, it offers a preview mode that allows the user to view the emails with attachments before starting the extraction process. Furthermore, users can also try this software to extract a specific attachment type. User just needs to type attachment name/extension, export and save to desired location on their system with simple steps.

Download the free trial for Windows from below link:

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Step to Procedure of Extract Attachments from EML Files

Users have to follow some simple steps for completing this task in the best possible manner:

  1. First, install and run EML Attachment Extractor Application on your system and choose the Open button.
extract attachments from eml files tool
  1. After that, browse EML Files using 2 modes i.e., Choose Files and Choose Folders.
choose folder for extract attachments from eml files
  1. After that, choose the folder option which enables you to preview your email in different modes.
select emails for preview for eml attachment extraction
  1. This conversion tool offers various extraction choices from each message. Users have to select extract only attachments option for performing this task.
select attachments from eml files option
  1. After that select the destination path and click on the Save button to proceed further.
extract attachments from eml files

Concluding Lines

In the blog above, we have explained how to extract email attachments from EML files. Methods to extract attachments are mentioned in this blog. There are users who try to extract few attachments in bulk. So we kept this in mind and provided solutions for both scenarios.

We hope that after reading this blog, users will have no problem performing this task. This procedure is easy if the user follows the correct procedure to perform the task. Users can also take advantage of a free trial of the software to get a good understanding of the tool.

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