How to Screen Record on a Windows Laptop?


In today’s environment, being able to record your screen is crucial, whether you work as a software developer and need to generate a how-to video or just want to record your screen for a presentation or a useful YouTube video. However, you may increase the impact of your movies by learning how to screen record with sound on a laptop or PC.  Depending on your audience, the goal of your film, and even its duration, you may need to record many kinds of screen captures, regardless of who you are or what you do. The ability to record one’s Windows laptop screen is crucial for capturing lectures, presentations, gaming footage, and important video calls. This article provides in-depth coverage of methods and software for capturing the screen of a Windows laptop. Both Windows 10 and 11 provide a number of options.

Should I Use a Free Screen Recorder?

Perhaps. You may use free programs like the Xbox App for Windows or QuickTime for Mac, but if you’re comparing several screen recorders, be sure to choose one with integrated audio and video editing features. Although not every software has as much power, the “extra” tools you have access to may significantly influence the screen recordings you produce.

The issue with many of the conventional (and some third-party) built-in screen recorders on computers is that they only allow you to record. As a result, you may need additional hardware and software in order to edit and distribute your films.

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How to Screen Record on Windows 10 Laptop?

With Windows 10, you may use the built-in Game Bar function to record your screen. Although it may record other programs and activities, its primary purpose was to record PC and Xbox gaming sessions.  For gamers, the Xbox Game Bar is a useful feature that allows for more than simply games. It provides a simple method to record gameplay, provide instructional, or highlight software actions since it can record your screen. Use the Xbox Game Bar to record your screen by following these instructions. To create a personalized experience, experiment with different settings to suit your recording tastes.

The Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10 and 11 is geared for gamers, but it can also capture screens. To use:

  1. Keyboard shortcut Win + G opens the Xbox Game Bar
  2. For your first use, you should confirm that this is a game.
  3. Record your screen by clicking “Record” in the Xbox Game Bar.
  4. Xbox Game Bar options provide visual and audio source configuration.

How to Record Your Screen on Windows Using PowerPoint in Laptop?

With PowerPoint, screen recording is a rather simple process. The disadvantage is that this requires a Microsoft 365 subscription in addition to Microsoft’s desktop applications to function. When using the online-only edition, this does not perform.

  1. Select Insert from the menu bar after opening a PowerPoint file, then click the Media icon on the far right side.
  2. Select the option for Screen recording from the drop-down menu that displays.
  3. As you can see below, the screen becomes white, and a toolbar appears at the top-center border of your screen. After selecting the “Select area” option, draw a box around the area you want to record using your mouse. Next, the target region is deprived of the white transparency and marked with a red dashed line.
  4. Alternatively, to record the whole screen, concurrently press Windows + Shift + R.
  5. Either click the Record button or concurrently use the Windows, Shift, and R keys.
  6. To stop the recording whenever necessary, choose the Pause button, which takes the place of the Record button. To prevent the capture, use the square Stop button.
  7. Right-click on the video that is shown in PowerPoint and choose the Save media option from the pop-up menu to save the footage. To protect your recording, comply with the on-screen instructions.

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How to Use a Third-Party App to Screen Record in Laptop?

You’ll need to utilize a third-party tool if you want to record your desktop or File Explorer or if you’re using a previous version of Windows. Numerous screen recorder applications are available. Certain programs include capabilities like built-in editing tools and other things that aren’t available in Game Bar. Screenpresso, for instance, can convert typed words and letters into editable text; however, these functions are often paid for.

If VLC is already installed, see our instructions on how to record a screen image. If not, use the free ShareX program to capture your screen like this:

  1. To install ShareX on your computer, download it and open the installation file.
  2. Select Capture > Screen recording (GIF) or Screen recording (MP4) to capture a video.
  3. To record, either choose a window or select an area to highlight and drag. Choose your desktop to capture the whole screen. As soon as you select a choice, the recording will begin.
  4. The Windows taskbar will display a red dot to let you know that your screen is being captured. Once the recording is complete, choose Stop by right-clicking the red dot.
  5. To examine your recording, choose it in ShareX. Alternatively, you may open File Explorer by right-clicking the file and choosing Open > Folder.
  6. ShareX recordings are kept here by default.


A Windows laptop’s screen recording feature provides a variety of alternatives for content capture. The procedure is flexible and easy to use, using both third-party applications and built-in capabilities like the Xbox Game Bar. Choose the approach that best suits your requirements and investigate the many options available for making guides, filming lectures, or taking screenshots of games. Windows users may easily capture and share their screen footage with a variety of tools at their disposal. With the use of these techniques, users may effortlessly record and distribute content, provide entertainment, or impart knowledge on their Windows devices with simplicity and efficiency.

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