How to Save Yahoo Email Messages to Hard Drive?


Yahoo is one of the world’s most distributed web-based email clients. Sometimes it’s important to save Yahoo email to disk to view email in offline mode. These emails can be easily shared via removable media or other applications. You can also forward these emails as a document to your friends or colleagues. Therefore, you can download Yahoo email as a backup to your desktop to recover and access emails offline. So let’s check how to save Yahoo email messages to hard drive.

There is now a big question to save emails from your Yahoo account to your hard drive. Well, there are many benefits to backing up Yahoo email. You can download emails from Yahoo to your local drive in the following ways. The following article explains why email is sent to the local system. With this too user can save a yahoo email as a file in their computer.

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Need to back up Yahoo email messages

Understand the reasons and learn how to backup yahoo mail. Data is very important to users and you can’t lose it. There are many reasons why you need to save your Yahoo email as a hard drive backup. Here are some reasons:

  • You can use a backup to get the data and access it in the future. Sometimes you receive a bunch of emails that are important to you, but you can’t view them regularly. It may be deleted for some reason. So you have to save this email.
  • Your account may be hacked and all your data will be lost. You will not be able to restore it to your account. However, if you backed up your email on your hard drive, you can access them at least on your local computer.
  • It is best to save the yahoo email folder to disk before the virus enters the data. This will prevent you from accessing your Yahoo account.
  • Backing up data on your hard drive protects your data and provides access to users anytime, anywhere.

How to Save Yahoo Email Messages to Hard Drive – manually

There are several ways to store all your emails on your Yahoo account on your local hard drive. You can determine the basic concepts of how to protect your email. Learn how yahoo email backup is possible manually

Following are the steps to download yahoo emails in computer:

  1. Copy an email at a time, paste it into Word and save the email.
  2. Save personal emails from Yahoo email to your local drive at the same time.
  3. Use POP / IMAP settings to access your Yahoo email to other email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird.
  4. Use another email address to forward your email to another account.
  5. You can also archive Yahoo emails on your local hard drive.

Limitations of manual methods to download Yahoo Mail Messages

There are a number of disadvantages to saving Yahoo email to disk using the above method. Listed some:

  • These methods are easy to implement. However, if you have a lot of emails in your Yahoo account, it’s hard to back up one at a time. It takes a long time to transfer your Yahoo mailbox to your hard drive.
  • To forward an email, you need another email account. Therefore, you must edit both accounts to forward these emails from one email address to another.
  • You can also sync your account with email clients like Thunderbird. However, including a large amount of important data in your mailbox can result in data loss.
  • If you download Yahoo email to your local hard drive in Word format, you won’t be able to save the yahoo attachment with your email. Then you lost your device and could not save all your data.

An automated solution for copying Yahoo Mail folders to disk

You can try to overcome these limitations with the Yahoo Mail Downloader. With this solution, you can save time and effort. You can save Yahoo emails and attachments to your hard drive and retrieve the entire mailbox on your hard drive. You won’t lose a bit of data during this process. It is easy for non-technical personnel to understand and use this tool to perform the backup process. The solution preserves the formatting of metadata and folder structures as it does in Yahoo accounts.

How do I save Yahoo emails to my hard drive?

Following are the steps to download Yahoo email messages to computer hard disk or external drive:

  1. Download and open Yahoo Mail Backup Tool enter your Yahoo account credentials.
  2. Choose the file format from different file formats available in the list and choose filter options.
  3. Select destination location and start “Backup“.

How do I save my emails to an external hard drive?

How to Save Yahoo Email Messages to Hard Drive

In conclusion

In the following article, we describe a query that saves Yahoo email to disk. Users may need to back up their emails from a Yahoo account to a local drive for a number of reasons. In the above blog, there are several ways to help users move all Yahoo emails to their local hard drive. Similarly, users can download Hotmail messages and download Gmail email messages without any data loss.

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