How to Save Yahoo Email Messages to Hard Drive?

Yahoo is one of the world’s most distributed web-based email clients. Sometimes it’s important to save Yahoo email to disk to view email in offline mode. These emails can be easily shared via removable media or other applications. You can also forward these emails as a document to your friends or colleagues. Therefore, you can […]

How to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive?

Learn how to download Hotmail emails to hard drive. The following is a description of the email requirements for backup your Hotmail account. Also the complete process for backing up your Hotmail account. The Hotmail Backup Utility is the best choice for moving backups of Hotmail emails, contacts, calendars, etc. Before we discuss the process […]

Compress PST File of MS Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2010

Regularly removing redundant and unavailable emails is always a good check for PST file size. But this is not enough. In this regard, using the Mailbox Splitter Tool to reduce the size of PST files and compress PST file is also an important measure. In fact, it is using these techniques to reduce the PST […]