How to Become a YouTube Gammer ? – Beginner Guide


Are you ready to launch your own YouTube games channel? How to start a YouTube gaming channel for free ? Here are 6 tips to give you an idea of ​​the competition. Creating content through YouTube video games should be one of the most fun things to enjoy on the platform, but exploring it, maybe not by much.

It won’t be that easy to set a record in the next Minecraft building session or clear the floor with everyone in Fortnite. This post is designed to help you discover yourself on YouTube while playing games.

It could have been Google’s release of its new game console, the Stadia. He may have heard that Kyle “Ninja” Blevins was making $ 500,000 a month playing Fortnite. Rumors may have leaked that Rockstars Grand Theft Auto 6 is in the pipeline. Regardless of the reason, video games should officially be on your radar. Here’s why.

The gambling industry is expected to top $ 90 billion by 2020, up from $ 78 billion in 2017. Contributing to this growth is the increasing popularity of the gambling community. In fact, 64% of US citizens 13 and older play video games. Probably the most shocking statistic is that people not only play video games, but also watch other people play … a lot. On average, gamers (ages 18-25) around the world spend an average of 3 hours 25 minutes per week watching other people play video games online as they provide real-time and recorded feedback.

Possibilities to Create Free YouTube Gaming Channel?

Is It Possible To Start A Free YouTube Games Channel With No Money? The simple answer is yes. It’s not that complicated. However, you must have at least a minimum level of console and internet connectivity as owning a YouTube channel requires uploading videos or live broadcasts. If you have both things (internet connection and console) then I can show you step by step how to create a YouTube channel for free with no money.

Note: Technically, a console and internet connection cost money, hence “No Free Lunch”.

Channels like YouTube and Twitch are popular destinations for gamers to watch other gamers. The best game streaming companies not only play games to please their fans, they also play games to make money. Felix Kjellberg, one of the top five YouTube influencers of 2018, commonly referred to by his YouTube name PewDiePie, has over 91 million subscribers and has made an estimated $ 120 million playing games. And while PewDiePie is an anomaly when it comes to making the most money, it’s far from being the only YouTube gamer who makes a living spreading their skills in online gaming. In fact, two of the top five YouTube channels with the highest number of subscribers worldwide are related to games. Paying for playing video games on YouTube is a rapidly growing trend, and getting started isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. Here’s how you can become a YouTube player.

Understand how to start a YouTube gaming channel for free….???

How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel?

1. Find your niche

Just like starting a business, the first step in launching your YouTube game channel is finding your niche, developing your voice, and defining your value proposition. You may be thinking, “I already know what my type is – I’m stuck playing.” However, building a successful YouTube game channel is much more than that.

Plan & Strategy

You need a plan and a strategy. Why? Because the game system is diverse and competitive. Just look at the numbers: 15% of all YouTube content is game related, and over 300 hours of new video content is uploaded every minute. Finding a way to differentiate yourself and determine which viewers will receive your channel is important.

Games is a broad term. And the industry itself is getting bigger every year. You have a computer, a console, and mobile games. Each of these platforms has dozens of dozen of types of games, but different types of people who like these games. FPS games, MMO games, RPGs, sports, puzzles, survival, simulators – to name a few. Now when you’re creating a gaming channel, what should you focus on? Needless to say, you can’t cover everything. Or better yet, it is not wise to do so.

This is where niche terminology and target audience come into play. Position simply means a smaller market segment – in this case the gaming segment. Before starting your channel, it is really important to consider what type of content you want to post. Because your audience will be different depending on the games you broadcast. Because of this, it is important to cover some of the basics in order to find the right fit. Big fish, small pond – small fish, big size is very helpful. This means that niches with less competition are better suited and have better opportunities for excellence and success.


The first step is to think about what you are passionate about. What types of games could you see covered, streaming or reviewing? For example, if you enjoy playing indie games, then it’s safe to say that creating content for such games is natural for you. The second is market analysis. Whether or not you will be successful largely depends on the competition in this field on YouTube.

Popular titles like Dota 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, and CS: GO in the esports genre are the most popular these days. This means that the competition for esports is huge – thousands of videos are posted. This means that joining a crowd of players who stream these games in order to grow your channel can be a bad rap. Even if you work in this area, it would be wise to do it differently – by posting something new and unique.

However, the independent type has less competition and a higher chance of success. This is because there are fewer mainstream games and a more focused audience with more specific tastes for watching game videos.

2. Come up with a unique channel name and create your website

Now comes the fun part, creating your channel name. We recommend a short, cute, and appropriate name for your audience. Some of the names for a YouTube game channel could be: play with [your name], play [first name] [game], or if you still get stuck, try using the channel name generator for inspiration.

Once you have a channel name in mind, it’s time to set up your website. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it sounds and can be done in under an hour! Read our full guide on the best and easiest way to set up a WordPress blog here.

We recommend Hostinger to host your website as they have a simple one-click WordPress installer. You get a 60% discount on hosting and a free domain name.

3. Get the free basics for YouTube Gaming Channel

Now that we know about niches in the gaming world and how to use WordPress to create a personal website, it’s time to talk about the basics. Anyone who plays games already has a solid computer or laptop that supports high graphic detail and a decent gaming experience. What most people forget, however, is that playing games and creating game videos are two different things.

The computer consumes significantly more resources when you actually produce content. Because of this, you need special rugged hardware that can run video editing software, capture gameplay, and streamed data as you play.

It’s also a good idea to have a dual or even triple screen setup to improve productivity. Nowadays, YouTube users creating content are exceeding the Full HD resolution to 2k or even 4K. This must be taken into account when purchasing gaming monitors and machines. The higher the resolution, the more resource-intensive your computer or laptop is.

Here are some other computer accessories to consider:

  • Mechanical keyboard
  • High DPI gaming mouse
  • Good microphone
  • HD camera (at least 720p)
  • Back up hard drives to store raw material and production content

Aside from setting up a computer, get yourself a comfortable chair that you will spend most of the day sitting and streaming games in. Finally, a high-speed internet connection is essential for uploading YouTube videos.


Let’s talk about the program you need. Video editing software is a must. If you’re on Windows, check out Adobe Premiere Pro – one of the best commercial video editing tools out there. Mac users can download iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Screen recording is another important aspect and while there are a large number of free tools such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), you can also try some commercial tools such as Camtasia.

What Content Do YouTube Players Create?

YouTube players create all kinds of game content. From gameplay series to live broadcasts to tournament overviews, there are countless ways to create game videos. Most people stream what they enjoy while playing. But some, especially in the esports world, are experts and share their professional opinions on games, player performance, etc. Here is a list of the videos that you will watch

Youtube while browsing games Category:

  • Esports matches, tournament analysis and insights into the players
  • Gameplay videos from popular titles like FIFA, Dota 2, LOL, Call of Duty, etc.
  • Play independent games
  • Match reports
  • Videos of funny moments
  • Walkthrough
  • Tutorials and HowTos
  • Videos with personal opinions

How to start a YouTube gaming channel for free?

Create Engaging and Relevant Content

One of the most important things to know about starting your YouTube game channel is that you need to create relevant content. Your niche and audience should overlap, and the games you play should be attractive to your viewers. Finding video inspiration can be very easy when you know your goals. It’s all about keeping the content engaging and entertaining while delivering value to the intended viewers.

Here are some tips on how to come up with video ideas and create fun content beyond your passion for games:

  • Stay up to date with the trends in the game industry on Google Trends
  • Be inspired by successful gaming channels
  • Make your videos consistent and accurate
  • Consider video SEO practices
  • Improved titles, meta descriptions and thumbnails
  • Create a brand for your channel
  • Create an attractive intro and conclusion for your videos
  • Never fade with black
  • Use call-to-action techniques to get viewers to like and share your content and subscribe to your channel

How to Increase Your Traffic?

If you publish content regularly, it is imperative that your publications are synchronized with social media posts. This is critical for two reasons. First, the extra reach you get through social media can improve your channel so that it becomes more prominent with other YouTubers. It also helps to get support from your family and friends! Second, as your channel grows it is important to both expand its content and connect to other channels in case the worst happens – your channel will be blocked. Let’s hope it doesn’t, but why is YouTube banning your channel, you wonder? YouTube can block channels for a number of reasons, including violating community guidelines, terms of use, or copyrights. If your channel is temporarily banned, your social media presence will let your subscribers know what happened and when you expect your channel to be up again.

How to start a YouTube gaming channel for free? Once you have a general idea of ​​your niche, gear, and how your content is created, it’s time to talk about how to increase your traffic. So how can you draw attention to the channel and get first-time subscribers? Video compliance and the steady increase in traffic over time is one of the most important things about running a YouTube game channel. Let’s find out how to do just that!

Organic Traffic – Video SEO

Video SEO is essential to getting organic traffic. Creating a new channel can be a challenge. Following YouTube SEO best practices is an important priority. You may want to create a strategy and find keywords related to your topic and niche. The open videos are better recognized and arranged. They also keep traffic constant – which is a must in the long run.

So what are the most important things to keep in mind when doing SEO optimization? Every YouTube video consists of three important elements: video title, thumbnail, and meta description of the video. The title should be engaging and engaging and should contain the keyword you rated for it. The thumbnail should describe the video and what it is about – giving potential viewers a rough idea of ​​what to expect when they see it. YouTube gamers often use in-game screenshots with captions to grab the viewer’s attention from the start. The description should be a coherent summary of the subject of the video and include the keyword that you want to rank for – as well as the title.

Social Media

Social media marketing is another great way to grow your channel and your subscribers. For this reason, it is a good idea to create profiles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. and share your videos. Make sure to mention the people who are viewing your videos to like your social media pages. This way you will stay in touch and be closer to your followers.

How to start a YouTube gaming channel for free? Another way to spread your channel is by reaching out to game studios, indie developers, and channels in your niche to work together. For example, if your channel is giving reviews on indie games, communicating with some of the developers who created those types of games can be a great way to start collaborating. They can post video content with their games and they’ll give you credit on their channels.

How To Make Money With The YouTube Gaming Channel?

How to start a YouTube gaming channel for free? As you keep creating and posting content, more people will know about your channel, which ultimately leads to more subscribers. Once you have 1,000 subscribers, you will be able to join the YouTube Affiliate Program which will allow you to run ads on your videos. From there the sky is the limit! Some of the biggest YouTube gamers start their YouTube game channels without ever wanting to make a living from it. They just enjoyed it. And that is what makes the gamer’s dream of getting paid for it so attractive.

There are several ways to make money from your gaming channel. The first and most popular is the display of Google ads. You can activate monetization through Video Manager and then integrate your Google Adsense account. There are tons of ad options that you can include in videos, from video ads to text banners that appear at a specific time. Depending on your traffic, you can get good monthly income with the Google Adsense program.

Another way to monetize your channel is to have a media package that comes with the products.


As you can see, starting your own YouTube video game channel isn’t as complicated as many people think. Most of the playground equipment you buy is a matter of personal preference. There are some preferred industries, however, so you should definitely think about the future and choose wisely. Some of these things can take a learning curve, but with a little investment of time you should be able to figure this out in no time. The most important thing is that you make a great commentary and connect with your audience.

Sure, having the right gear can set you apart in the beginning, but viewers will place more emphasis on the quality of your content.

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