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Top 10 Best Outlook Tips and Tricks for Increasing Productivity

In this blog we are discussing about how to increase the productivity of Outlook 2019, 2016 and other versions with best outlook tips and tricks . Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client. Which helps to sharing information, creating tasks, events, and more.

However, to ensure the uninterrupted efficiency and higher productivity of Outlook, we need to properly maintain the application. The following article provides best Outlook tips and tricks. You can also find information on how to solve common Outlook issues.

Traverse the Best Outlook Organization Tips to Solve most Common Outlook Issues

Learning some simple tips can help improve Outlook productivity. Also, it solve various problems.

Let’s take a look at the top Outlook tips and tricks:

  1. Backup Outlook Data
  2. Problems in the Outlook email client, for example, “Microsoft Outlook cannot respond” may make Outlook unavailable. This causes communication delay. In extreme cases, the email client may no longer be available. If you have a backup, you can solve these problems.

    • Use the Import / Export Wizard in Outlook to convert OST to PST, which can be saved as a backup. The PST backup file can be used to import data into a newly installed Outlook profile. However, the Import / Export Wizard cannot convert the entire OST file to PST in a single step. Secondly, if the OST file cannot be accessed, it will not work.
    • Use the “Convert OST data to PST” for Outlook in one operation. The RecoveryTools Outlook software can also restore all deleted emails and inaccessible OST files. Tool also support multiple file format conversion include PST to PDF Conversion.

  3. Manage the Size of Outlook Data
  4. Compress Outlook data file:
    • Outlook users can increase the productivity of email client by compressing Outlook data files (PST).  
      • Click the File tab.
      • Then, click Account Settings Data files.
      • After that, select PST > Settings and click Compact Now.

    Note: This method is valid for POP and IMAP account users only.

    Split Data file with the software
    • You can easily compact or split PST files to reduce their size using this tool. You can also remove duplicate emails from Outlook mailbox with the help of a tool. Learn about mac OLM Splitter

  5. Secure PST with Password
  6. PST files contain critical data and must be secured with a password. However, several instances have been reported by the users. Where they forgot their PST password and couldn’t access PST file data. You can recover lost or forgotten PST passwords. Using BitRecover PST Password Recovery for Outlook. It generates a set of valid passwords to choose and use.

  7. Filter Data in Outlook
  8. One of the most important features of Outlook is that you can filter emails. Filtering emails helps in easy navigation in Outlook. Which increases productivity by displaying fast and accurate search results. 

    Various other Outlook tips to increase Outlook productivity are:

  9. Organize Emails into Folders
  10. Organize emails into Folders. Individual folders in Outlook inbox help in segregating and aligning emails according to the sender.

  11. Create Notes
  12. User can create sticky notes, by clicking Ctrl+Shift+N on Outlook profile, for quick reminders.

  13. Create Email Templates
  14. Outlook creates email templates to compose same type of messages. Traverse to File > Save As then click Outlook template, then click on Items > Choose Form… > User Templates and put that pre-saved form to use.

  15. Mail Links
  16. Sending links to cloud storage will let you send emails in an easy and fast manner. It also enhances the Outlook’s storage capacity.

  17. Use Shortcuts
  18. Using Outlook shortcuts increases productivity by easing the tasks on Outlook. The most frequently used shortcuts are:

    Frequently Used Outlook Shortcuts

    Even after taking all the above measures to enhance Outlook productivity. It may become unresponsive, either due to a large or corrupt PST file or due to “Outlook not opening”. Resolve Outlook issues with the help of specialized software.

  19. Repair Outlook Data
  20. Although all necessary measures have been taken to manage Outlook profiles. In some cases, Outlook data is damaged or the email client can no longer be accessed.

    It is necessary to resolve such issues for uninterrupted communication and productivity. Such issues can be best resolved with the help of PST-repair software:

    Repair PST File with Best Software:

    SysTools Outlook Recovery for Outlook resolves all errors. In a corrupt PST file including those that can’t be repaired by Scanpst.exe.

    The software selects corrupt PST file from any location, repairs corrupt components, recover deleted emails and saves the entire mailbox data at their original or specified location.


The above post highlights the use of some simple Outlook techniques to increase productivity. However, after optimizing performance, Outlook will still encounter some errors. Using different third-party Outlook tools from industry specialists, users can improve work efficiency. By simplifying the backup process, reducing the size of Outlook data files and recovering lost passwords. Some utilities can also help repair Outlook data files and can fix Outlook problems.

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