How to Convert MBOX File to CSV Files?


How to Convert MBOX to CSV? If you’ve always wanted to analyze your own email data, but had trouble converting MBOX files to Excel or CSV, but keep getting referred to numerous programming blogs and forums, you’re not alone.

Here in this article, we will discuss the easiest ways to convert MBOX to CSV files with professional and manual techniques.

MBOX contains a large archive of email messages in plain text. However, they cannot be read and analyzed. These types of files are used by Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla, Gmail, and other email platforms.

CSV (Comma Separated Values) are text files that store data in columns and rows (separated by line breaks). Excel can open them for easy access.

How to Convert MBOX to Excel Supported CSV?

When you need to move your MBOX data to a new device or cloud server without losing data. This converter can save the day! With this handy application, you can quickly and easily convert multiple MBOX files to Excel CSV format for easy organization and future use. Just select the files you want to transfer and the software will take care of the rest.

In the following paragraphs, we will tell you the reasons why people convert MBOX files to CSV, professional and manual techniques, and manual limitations.

What is the reason users convert MBOX to CSV file?

  • Thunderbird saves a file as “Plain Text“, but CSV files are saved as “Structured Format”.
  • When people move offices, they need their data in CSV format.
  • CSV has more features than Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Easily open MBOX data in Excel in CSV format.

Several factors affect whether users convert their MBOX contacts to CSV format, including convenience.

“Hey, I started figuring out the best way to use my MBOX email. There is software that should allow me to import emails from certain categories as CSV files, but I can’t find it. Thanks for your help.”

Why are manual methods not a recommended option?

Manual methods are not free, but they have some difficulties and limitations, such as:

  • Manual approaches are not easy for non-technical users.
  • Can be a risk of data loss here.
  • This method is time consuming and very inefficient.

Which is the best tool to export MBOX files to CSV file?

We recommend you to use one of the unified utilities, 4n6 MBOX Converter Tool, to convert MBOX files with attachments to CSV format. This utility offers advanced user features and can be easily used by both technical and non-technical users. Also, it provides a filter search option to search for specific emails with a specific intent. MBOX to CSV Converter tool converts MBOX files to Excel CSV in bulk in one cycle without data loss. It also acts as an MBOX viewer tool as it allows you to examine MBOX files in detail. Just download the free online conversion tool and go ahead with the process.

Download the MBOX Mailbox to CSV free trial from below link:


How to convert MBOX to CSV file format?

Follow these steps to Convert MBOX to CSV File Format:

  1. Download and install the MBOX to CSV converter tool on your Windows system.
  1. Then click Open, go to Email Data Files, then MBOX Files.
select mbox file convert mbox to csv
  1. Now you can add the files to the software panel. Preview emails by clicking on that specific file.
convert mbox data preview
  1. Next, click the Export tab and select CSV as the option to save the file. Apply filters if you want.
select csv to convert mbox to csv
  1. Finally, enter the location where you want to save the converted files. Click the Save button to convert MBOX to CSV format.
how to convert mbox to csv

Wait a few minutes and see the final exported message. By clicking the “Open” folder, you can see the resulting Excel CSV file.

What are the major features of MBOX to CSV software?

This utility is compatible with all versions of Windows OS such as Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Easy to Understand

The interface of the utility was designed by the developers with all types of users in mind. The self-explanatory control panel is easy to understand and guides you through each step on a single screen.

Bulk Mode Option

When using MBOX Converter Pro, there are no limitations on the number of files you can add to the wizard & no need to install additional software to get accurate results.
Users can convert data in bulk in one operation with email attachments.

MBOX Files to Cloud Server

This MBOX file to CSV converter is one of the best tools that offers comprehensive options to convert and migrate MBOX email data to Outlook. You can migrate MBOX to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, Exchange Server and IMAP. This also allows you to access files through web-based email clients. You can transfer the data to other multiple file-formats and Email Services through this.

Convert Selected Data

If you want to convert some selected items instead of the entire mailbox, that’s no problem here either. This allows you a variety of filters that you can use to export specific emails. You can even filter data with different options, e.g. with or without attachments, file size, date range, subject, etc. Users can download email addresses, phone numbers and attachments separately.

Keep Email Properties Intact

The tool is very capable of keeping the meta details of emails. This means that the originality of the data is not compromised when converting from .mbox to .csv with contacts. Subject, To/From, CC, BCC, Date, Signature, Message text, Source. Formatting, Email Header, and other keywords etc. it will certainly remain the same.

Check out this YouTube video that shows you step by step how to do this process:

Frequent Questions

Q1: How many files can I convert from MBOX to CSV at one time?

Answer: You can transfer multiple or even unlimited number of MBOX files to CSV format in one operation.

Q2: Can I use this software to Split CSV in to multiple files?

Answer: No, but you can filter and export selective data into multiple CSV.

Q3: Is it possible to download email addresses from most MBOX files?

Answer: Yes, by clicking the Extract >> Email Addresses button, you can save email IDs instantly.

Last words

So, please follow the above step-by-step procedure to convert MBOX to CSV in bulk in one try. Developed with advanced features, the software will provide you with accurate results.This MBOX to CSV converter is an easy to use tool. Most of the professionals also recommend this software to do the conversion process. Also you can view MBOX files in this tool, convert MBOX to PDF & MBOX to PST, etc.

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