Microsoft Office Icons Are Getting a New Look

Microsoft Office New Icons

To say the least, Microsoft’s Windows and Web Office icons are conservative. When you manage business calculations or school reports, they are the functional content that you click on. However, this time the company wants you to stay and realize this. Microsoft Office Icons Are Getting a New Look.

It just revealed a redesigned Office icon that will cover applications and networks in the coming months. For Microsoft, they reflect the changes in Office over the past five years since the last time the microsoft office icons was modified.

Instead of opening the beautiful, clear outline of the old concept of a local document, each symbol has a specific shape that indicates its particular character.

Flexible visualization system for cross-platform, device and generation

Excel has a rectangular icon for displaying a spreadsheet. However, you’ll see PowerPoint’s pie chart, the team’s abstract people, and similar changes to other apps. Design director Jon Friedman said the emphasis on the format of the content mimics the “collaboration” of Office 365.

Yes, these are purely superficial changes that are not reflected in the functional improvements. However, it is easy to see that this is a symbolic milestone for Microsoft as a whole, not just Office.

Microsoft Office Icons 2019 New Look!

The 2013 icon was the end of the Steve Ballmer era, when the company was still heavily involved in Windows and was only growing its cloud service (Office 365 was launched in 2011). Flashing to 2018, this is a different story. Of course, there are still traditional Office versions and Windows, but Microsoft is booming in the cloud, treating Windows only as part of a larger puzzle.

You may never click on these icons on your PC desktop, which illustrates the transformation of the technology giant.

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