How to Import OLM File to Thunderbird ?


This article explains how to import OLM to Thunderbird on Windows and Mac. Here we discuss the best Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird conversion tools for Mac and Windows. Mac users can choose from a variety of email applications, depending on convenience and needs. Outlook for Mac, which stores all mailbox items in OLM format. Users sometimes need to import outlook mac to Thunderbird.

The reasons for this conversion can differ from one user to another. For some, switching from Mac OS to Windows might be the cause. Others may need access to an old Thunderbird OLM file. Regardless of the reasons, this scenario requires converting an OLM file to Thunderbird. And here we will provide a step-by-step process for users to achieve the same in Windows as well as Mac.

Why Are Users Migrating Outlook Mac OLM to Thunderbird?

The reasons why users prefer Thunderbird are because of the following features:

  • Inbox filters
  • Message color icon
  • Kerberos authentication
  • Offers great IMAP Email support
  • Have smart folders and address books
  • Integrated RSS support
  • It is a powerful Usenet program in itself.
  • It has automatic updates compared to Mac Outlook
  • Better encryption and PGP support
  • There are phishing filters that warn when some websites appear to steal personal information
  • It provides a quick search bar so you can find the message you are looking for with one click and a few keystrokes
  • It has better messaging management and a tabbed interface. So you can load the links in separate tabs in the message window
  • Includes unread folder display that makes it easy to focus on folders needing attention

Why Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird Converter?

Mozilla Thunderbird does not support Outlook OLM files. It actually stores all of its data in mailbox file format thus it is compatible with it. For this reason, converting these files to Thunderbird is required for this scenario for which there is no other alternative.

The Best Way to Import OLM Files into Thunderbird

The file architecture of OLM and Thunderbirds are completely different, and converting between them is not an easy task. From coding factors to content readability issues, this data migration scenario carries many risks. Such problems can only be solved by using specially designed tools to transfer OLM to Thunderbird for Windows or Mac. Here in this article we are discussing about best Windows and Mac OS based OLM to Thunderbird Import solutions. OLM to Thunderbird Converter is one such solution with expertise in importing multiple OLM files to Thunderbird local directory in the configured system.

Solution for Windows: Transfer Outlook Mac OLM to Thunderbrd

RecoveryTools OLM to Thunderbird Migrator is the best choice for all users looking for a safe and time efficient tool. The program allows you to migrate Outlook for Mac files directly to Thunderbird. Also you can import OLM to Outlook Windows with this tool.

The best thing about OLM Converter is that users have to browse the files or folder of OLM and then the user can choose them as needed.

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Key features of Windows OLM to Thunderbird Converter

  • Export OLM emails to Thunderbird directly
  • Maintain mailbox folder hierarchy and metadata during migration
  • Supports OLM files created by Outlook for Mac 2019 and Eariler version
  • Automatically locate the output destination for data export
  • Compatible with Windows OS with latest and previous versions

How to Quick Upload Outlook Mac OLM files to Thunderbird Mailbox Directly?

Follow simple and quick steps to transfer Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird:

  1. Install and Run OLM to Thunderbird Migrator Software.
  2. Then, load OLM File in the software and select only required folders for conversion
  3. After that, Select the desired file format as Thunderbird and start conversion.
  4. Then, analyze the live conversion process in the application panel.

Finally, the destination path is opened automatically so that users can easily check the resulting emails.

After converting emails to Thunderbird, if you cannot see folder named “Imported_Date-Time” then you can open your Thunderbird and right click on Local Folders and go to Settings Browse the local directory and select the local folder path where the software program saved the converted files which will be shown in the SavingLog.txt file ( browse upto path %appdata%\Thunderbird\Profiles\[profile name]\Mail\Local Folders)

Import OLM to Thunderbird

Solution for Mac: Expert Solution to Convert OLM to Thunderbird

When users want to import Mac Outlook OLM files to Thunderbird, they cannot do find any safe solution for the same. Therefore, these files must be converted into Thunderbird files. There are no methods available to convert OLM files to Thunderbird files manually. So for this expert solutions will be needed.

MacUncle OLM to Thunderbird Converter is one of those solutions that would effectively convert OLM to Thunderbird mailboxes. It has a series of incredible features such as:

  • Direct transfer of Outlook Mac files to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Extended user interface for importing OLM to Thunderbird macOS.
  • With dual options, the OLM can be transported to Thunderbird in bulk.
  • There are no restrictions on the size of the OLM file
  • 100% safe and secure migration
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How to Transfer OLM files to Mozilla Thunderbird (Mac OS X) ?

Follow simple steps to transfer Outlook for Mac OLM files to Thunderbird.

  1. First Download & Setup OLM to Thunderbird Converter on Mac OS
  2. Then, choose an option from Add file (s) or Add folder to upload OLM files.
  3. Then, select all email files or specific files from the program window and click the Next button.
  4. Select Thunderbird as save format from option and click on the Export button.
  5. The process of converting Mac OLM to Thunderbird is in progress. Wait a while.

Finally, the destination path is opened automatically so that users can easily check the resulting emails.

After converting emails to Thunderbird, if you cannot see folder named “MacUncle_Date-Time” then you can open your Thunderbird and right click on Local Folders and go to Settings Browse the local directory and select the local folder path where the software program saved the converted files which will be shown in the SavingLog.txt file.

Import OLM to Thunderbird Mac

Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird Converter Prominent Features

  • To save our users valuable time, the tool provides the ability to import OLM files into Thunderbird in large quantities at the same time without damaging the data.
  • The program protects all attachments during switching from OLM to Thunderbird.
  • It’s 100% reliable app that only migrate folders from OLM files to Thunderbird profile.
  • The most important thing is that you do not need to download a third-party application to perform the migration as it is a completely standalone application.
  • The main benefit of using the tool is that it can convert a large OLM file because the toolkit has no size restrictions. This application can convert an unlimited number of emails from OLM to Thunderbird mailboxes

This program comes with a free trial version that allows you to convert limited emails from any OLM folder to a Thunderbird account. First, check out the functionality of the tool with the free version. After all doubts are removed, you can purchase the product for free with a 30 days money back guarantee.

How to Import OLM to Mozilla Thunderbird – Frequently Asked Questions

Can this solution be used to import OLM directly into Thunderbird?

Yes, Both the Mac and Windows OLM to Thunderbird Importer tools transfer converted files directly into the configured Thunderbird local directory.

Has the described method for importing been tested and is it safe?

Yes, The solution shown will be tested and verified. You can follow the instructions to import OLM files emails into Thunderbird easily.

Can I do the import process myself?

Yes, The proposed method is simple and easy to implement. Follow the steps and easily import email with attachments from OLM file into Mozilla Thunderbird.

Bottom Line

The need to migrate email can arise at any time. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the user. Likewise, there are scenarios where users need to know how to import OLM into Thunderbird. This task requires converting the OLM files to the Mozilla Thunderbird file. We discussed an effective solution that specializes in such a task. It is able to convert multiple OLM files at the same time easily and import into Thunderbird. However, whether or not which solution is best depends on the needs of the users.

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