How to Migrate Emails to SmarterMail via a POP3/IMAP Import


Understand How to Migrate Emails to SmarterMail

In this article you will get to know on how a user can migrate emails to SmarterMail account. One can import Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Zimbra, Open-Xchange, Kerio, CommuniGate, IceWarp, MDaemon, IMail, MailEnable, Other IMAP/POP to SmarterMail account in an easy & simplified manner using the inbuilt manual method mentioned in this article.

How to Use the SmarterMail Mailbox Migration Tool

When migrating mail from another mail server, individual users can use the SmarterMail mailbox migration tool to import existing mail and other data to their new SmarterMail account. Prior to pulling the data in, the domain and mail user must be created in Plesk.

Understand how to migrate emails to SmarterMail

All you have to do is to supply the user with their new SmarterMail email account and password. Here are simple steps to migrate emails to smarterMail.

  1. First, Log into SmarterMail.
    • In a browser type or (or the server’s IP address:9998 if the domain is not yet live on the new server).
    • Supply the Email Address and Password of the email account you are using to pull your mail into.​
  2. Once logged in, click on Settings »  expand Advanced Settings » Mailbox Migration.
  3. Then, select the account type from the drop down menu. After that, click Next.
  4. After that, hoose which items you want to import. Not all items will be available for all of the mail servers listed. Then, Click Next.
  5. Then, enter the Username and Password of the account you are bringing to SmarterMail; choose Test Connection.
  6. Finally, Click Start.

Your email messages, contacts, etc. should import to your new mail account based on the settings you choose.

Watch SmarterMail Mailbox Migration Option Video

How SmarterMail Mailbox Migration option Work

Drawbacks of the Above Method:

  • No Email Filters: while importing the data from one account to another this method does not apply email filters.
  • Folder Filter Not Available: This method does not provide the option to selectively import folders from one account to another.
  • Live Migration Progress Not Available: This method does not the provide any option to view the live migration process.
  • No Option for Creating Separate Folder for Imported Emails: When you import the mailboxes using this method then there is no option to create imported mailbox folder.

Advance Tool for Migrating Emails to SmarterMail

Want to import data to SmarterMail? Then you had landed in the right place. At the end of this article, you will be able to migrate emails to SmarterMail without configuration. Hence, go through the complete article to get the best method to convert emails from any webmail to the SmarterMail.

User’s Scenario to Migrate Emails to SmarterMail:

“I have been using some webmail email service from the past 4 Years. Now, it has grown quite large. However, there are some cases where I need to move emails to SmarterMail. So, that I can access mail data in SmarterMail. Any related help would be kindly appreciated. Thanks!”

Easiest & Quickest Solution Available

Email Backup Wizard is an ultimate application to solve this issue. Using this error-free solution, you can easily save / transfer 85+ source email client to SmarterMail. The software will provide an email filtration feature which will help you to import SmarterMail server with required emails and folders. Below are the key highlights of emails to SmarterMail Converter.

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  • No Configuration is Required
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Preserve UNICODE Texts
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy
  • Multiple Saving Options
  • Cloud to Cloud Email Migration

How to Migrate Emails to SmarterMail Email Server?

Following are the quick steps to migrate emails to SmarterMail:

  1. Launch Webmail Migration Tool and select Webmail option in the list of email source.
  2. Thereafter, enter the credentials of your IMAP Server in the software interface panel.
  3. After that, choose the required email folders according to the requirement.
  4. Thereafter, select IMAP backup option in the list of saving format.
  5. The software provides various filters option. Select, if you need for selective migration.
  6. After that, click on the Backup option to start Webmail to IMAP Transfer process.

How to Move Emails to Another (SmarterMail) Host Video Guide:

How to Import Emails to Smarter Mail

Gmail to SmarterMail Migration:

This Gmail to SmarterMail migration tool is an authentic solution that provides accurate migration. Then, transfer emails between one email server to SmarterMail server directly without losing a bit of information. The company provides a trial version of this application to evaluate the process before purchasing the product. Satisfied users can purchase a license key to activate this product for lifetime use.

Exchange Emails to SmarterMail Migration:

This migration tool is the best solution to move Exchange account data to SmarterMail with no data loss. Transfer the emails directly using this software. Try the free demo version before purchasing the tool.

Yahoo Mail to SmarterMail Migration:

The Yahoo to SmarterMail migration tool helps to migrate Yahoo emails to the SmarterMail with every folder possible. Get the free demo of the tool to migrate SamrterMail data without data loss before purchasing the utility.

Hotmail to SmarterMail Migration Tool:

This best tool will help you export Hotmail data to SmarterMail account. Import all data into SmarterMail without any data loss. Try the demo edition before purchasing the software.

Zimbra Emails to Smarter Mail:

Get the best Zimbra to SmarterMail Migration tool to migrate Zimbra emails to SmarterMail without any data loss.

Open-Xchange Emails to SmarterMail Migration:

Avail Open-Xchange to SmarterMail Migration tool to import Exchange emails into SmarterMail using various suitable filters. Get the trial version before purchasing the software.

Kerio Mail to SmarterMail Migration:

The best Kerio to SmarterMail tool will help you export Kerio emails to SmarterMail without loss of data. Get the demo version before purchasing the software.

CommuniGate Emails to SmarterMail Migration:

The CommuniGate to SmarterMail migration can easily migrate all data to SmarterMail in few minutes. Purchase the software to get the emails transfer easily.

IceWarp Emails to SmarterMail Migration:

Get the best IceWarp to SmarterMail tool to transfer IceWarp data into SmarterMail easily and efficiently.

MDaemon Mails to SmarterMail Migration:

Purchase the software to migrate MDaemon to SmarterMail with no data loss. Import all data item easily in few minutes.

IMail to SmarterMail Migration:

If you want to transfer IMail data to SmarterMail then you can try IMail to SmarterMail tool to import all data with no hindrance.

MailEnable to SmarterMail Migration:

Explore the MailEnable to SmarterMail tool to get your emails and data items transfer to SmarterMail with no data loss. Try the demo version to get better overview.

IMAP / Webmail to SmarterMail Migration:

If you wish to move Webmail data to SmarterMail then, you can try this migration software. You can try the demo version before purchasing the tool.


We have mentioned the highly rated tool to migrate emails to SmarterMail account. The software is used by many users for complete results with well-maintained email properties. The utility can easily upload Webmail mailbox to SmarterMail Server account so that you can easily open them in SmarterMail account. Try the software for free and purchase the licensed edition for perfect results.

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