How Do I Open a Tar.gz File in Windows 10 ?


Want to save your valuable data in Tar.gz file in but having issues? Try out TGZ Extractor Tool to open Tar gz windows files. By using this tool user can get rid of all the issues related to this issue. In this blog we have explained about how to open Tar.gz file in Windows 10. Read whole blog for complete information.

File size are increasing day by day due to its data. Due to this user find difficulty. There are various compressing utilities are available online through which user can compress their file. One such file is Tar.gz.

Tar.gz is a software utility which is used for collecting files into one archive file, including videos & images, in one for easier distribution or archiving. The resulting Tar.gz files contain useful information about the files they contain, like user permissions, dates, directory structures and more. Since Tar.gz files are simply archiving, they need to be compressed by another utility, such as gzip, to reduce their size.

Automated approach to view Tar.gz file in Windows 10

By using zExtractor- TGZ Extractor Tool user can open and view his Tar.gz files in Windows 10. This tool will save selected Emails in TGZ format with easier solution.  With the help of zExtractor user can export only specific emails and required emails folders. With this tool user can also export TGZ contact and calendars with separate export option. It is a standalone application software there is no need to install any extra application.

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How to view a Tar.gz file?

Following are the few steps to open Tar.gz file:

  1. Start zExtractor – TGZ Extractor Tool on your Windows platform.
  2. Then, software provide dual TGZ option to load unlimited TGZ files.
  3. After that, set destination location path to save selected Emails.
  4. Extraction process will start and the software will take few seconds only.

Steps- by -step process of how to open a Tar gz Windows 10 file

  1. First user has to install and run zExtracor software on your Windows platform.
how to view tar.gz file in windows 10
  1.  This Software provide dual TGZ option to load unlimited TGZ files.
how to read tar.gz file in windows 10
  1.  After that Users can easily select here only required folder.
read tar.gz files in windows
  1. Then select destination path for saving resultant data according to his convenience.
  1. The software will take few seconds for completion.

Main features of opening tar.gz files in Windows 10 using zExtractor tool are:

Preserves folder structure

zExtractor software takes all folders of mailboxes, including its pre-defined folders like inbox, sent, drafts, trash, etc., and email folders created by users. The structure of the output folders will be same as they were at time of the creation.

Unzip files with attachments

TGZ extractor software supports retrieval of those emails, which are having attachments within it. The attachment is extracted in the same file format in which it was before extraction. This utility holds entire email messages properties during the process.

Dual ways to add TGZ files

This extractor product is providing following two ways for selecting TGZ files:
Add Folders: Users need to create a folder, which comprises of multiple TGZ files and after that, browse that folder directly in the software to perform multiple file extraction all at once.
Add Files: This option renders a way to browse one or more TGZ files but in a one-by-one manner.

Selective data extraction

In case, if users do not want to extract entire data of the folders TGZ , they are free to save only desired folders of TGZ files to be extracted. User need to check the checkbox of those folders, which they want to save on the local machine. It supports Zimbra exported TGZ files.

Some frequently asked questions of the users and their solutions

Query 1: Is it possible to choose multiple TGZ files all at once?

Solution: Yes, it is possible in this software to select multiple files at once with help of following steps:

  • First, create a folder on your PC having multiple TGZ files within it
  • Then, launch this software on your machine and then click on Add Folder button
  • After that locate towards the path where folder is saved and then click on OK

Query 2: I want to extracts emails of Inbox folders from a Tar.gz File. Is it possible to perform the same with this software?

Solution: Yes, user has to check the checkbox of Inbox folder from the list of items displayed in left-hand side of the software panel and then click on extract button to accomplish the task.


Here in this blog we have explained about How to open a Tar.gz File in Windows 10. By following the above steps user can do this easily without facing any error. With the help of zExtractor software user can easily view Tar.gz file without losing any crucial data. It is 100% safe and secure tool.

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