Best Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool for Emails, Contacts, Calendars, etc.


In this article we will get to know how to migrate Email from Zimbra to Office 365 with the help of Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool. A large number of users are looking for a way to export Zimbra emails to Office 365 i.e on cloud, IMAP or Desktop Client and this problem can be easily resolved by using this amazing Zimbra email to Office 365 Converter Tool.

Although Zimbra is a robust and popular messaging system, many companies are moving to Office 365. In recent years, many users have switched to Office 365 because it improves with each update, meeting all the needs of the company. ‘A messaging system. While Zimbra is a good email communication tool, some organizations may find it too simplistic to suit their needs.

There are numerous third-party software solutions that can easily import Zimbra to Office 365. To connect with the emails, you must first extract the TGZ files (Zimbra files) from your account. Secondly, you need trust-worthy third-party software to proceed with the steps.

Who Uses Zimbra Mailboxes?

Zimbra is a fast, light, convenient and intuitive email application with support for managing contacts, briefcases, notes, task calendars and other items. Essentially a community-based, open-source web email application, Zimbra makes it easy for small businesses to integrate with various apps and services. Because it is an open community product, Zimbra is highly customizable to individual needs. Because there are very few community-driven email systems, Zimbra is unique. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain and manage. Not surprisingly, many small and medium-sized businesses use Zimbra as their primary email system. However, in recent years there has been a gradual transition to Office 365, as older legacy systems are either too simple or cannot meet the growing demands of a dynamic company.

Reasons: Why are Users Migrating from Zimbra Mail to Microsoft 365 ?

Zimbra is a lightweight application that can only be used for simpler email communications with a limited set of features. At best, Zimbra can be described as a small email manager without the features of an email suite. Small businesses can work this way, but the most influential organizations hardly take advantage of Zimbra.

Office 365 is the complete package that can cover all the needs of a large company. Various subscriptions offer a wide range of cloud storage, network, communication and collaboration applications. It also offers email communication by creating different mailboxes in the admin interface. Zimbra doesn’t have all of these benefits, and major organizations aren’t able to take advantage of them. Ultimately, businesses need to move email to Office 365. However, there are no manual methods to migrate emails from Zimbra to Office 365. So you can use a professional alternative to move emails and use them on a new platform.

  • Microsoft 365 is possibly the best email service available. Users can take advantage of a wide variety of important functions.
  • Everyone knows the benefits of using a cloud-based suite, and Office 365 is one of the most popular email systems available on the market.
  • O365 provides a wide range of security features unmatched by any other email service, and also offers a reliable user experience across platforms, whether users can get email, address books, notes, documents, or whatever. to be.
  • Office 365 is a popular platform backed by Microsoft Inc. It offers encryption of valuable data at rest, as well as HTTPS for all pages and platforms. Users can store their data information in online and offline storage according to their needs.

How to Export TGZ File from Zimbra Mail – Manually ?

To do Zimbra email to Office 365 migration, you need to extract Zimbra emails to archived TGZ file format. Follow the given steps to extract the files.

  1. Firstly, Open Zimbra Desktop / Webmail application and click Preference tab.
  2. Then, select Import and Export option.
  3. After that, click on Advanced Settings and check the items, you want to export and click Export button.
  4. Dialogue box will display that will ask to save file or to open the file. Click on Save File option and select the required location to store the resultant file. Now, click on OK.

After exporting TGZ file from Zimbra mail you can use the Zimbra to Office 365 Migrator tool, zMigrator to import this TGZ file to Office 365. Let us first explore the best features of this tool in detail.

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Best Tool to Migrate Email from Zimbra to Microsoft 365

  • Easily move Zimbra emails to Office 365 directly in simple steps
  • Also, It supports Zimbra Cloud as well as On-Premise Zimbra Transfer
  • Also, Batch perform Zimbra mail migration to Office 365 GroupWise
  • No Outlook installation is needed to export Zimbra to O365
  • No Zimbra TGZ archive extraction is required
  • Also, enables to do Zimbra data to Office 365 IMAP migration
  • The toolkit comes with easy to use & simplified interface
  • No size limitation occurs for Zimbra TGZ to O365 migration
  • 24/7 technical support helps users for easy migration
zMigrator Interface for Zimbra to Office 365

How Do I Switch from Zimbra to Office 365 ?

Following are the steps to migrate Zimbra TGZ data to Office 365 Web:

  1. Firstly, Download and install zMigrator to export Zimbra to Office 365 Account.
  2. Then, select, Cloud or On-Premise account migration option. Let’s select On-Premise option.
select on premise or cloud based for zimbra to office 365 migration
  1. After that, Browse and select the Zimbra TGZ Mailboxes.
add files or folders for zimbra to office 365 migration
  1. Then, take a look on Zimbra Data of Selected Files and Choose folders for migration. After that, click on “Convert Menu”.
  1. Then, Choose Office 365 from Saving option.
  1. Then, Enter Office 365 account login credentials. After that, Click on “Connect”. During migration, tool preview conversion progress.
zimbra to office 365 migration
  1. After that, successful migration, Open Office 365 account to see the Zimbra data in Office 365 account.
zimbra to office 365 migration output

If you are want to migrate multiple Zimbra mailbox and want to know the complete one by one steps then let’cs check how it is.

How Do I Transfer Zimbra Mail to Office 365?

Efficient Zimbra to Office 365 converter to migrate multiple Zimbra TGZ files to Office 365 account after user provides correct details like password and administrator user ID. After submitting the correct details, the user can easily migrate the Zimbra files to the Office 365 account. It is mandatory to fill the details and only then the user can migrate the Zimbra files to the Office 365 account.

Below are the points you should consider before thinking about the migration process.

  • Pre-migration setup
  • Office 365 account setup
  • User license assigning for Microsoft 365 Users
  • Creating CSV list of the account users
  • Archiving mailbox contents
  • Establishing connections between mailboxes
  • Trigger the migration

How Do I Transfer My Zimbra Webmail to Office 365?

This tool supports webmail and desktop client migrations. When you run the software, the tool opens a window to choose the transfer source that is

  • Migrate On-Premise Zimbra Server Mailboxes
  • Migrate Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes

Which means you can transfer Zimbra IMAP account to the Microsoft Business accounts. Zimbra to O365 Migration IMAP is Easily and securely possible using IMAP Zimbra account.

How to Migrate Zimbra to Office 365?

Zimbra to Office 365 migration is an ideal solution to bulk bulk mailboxes of Zimbra users simultaneously with attachments, email, contact address book, calendars, tasks, notes, folders and briefcases – directly to Office 365 OWA/Archive mailboxes or public folders.

Zimbra Converter transfers Zimbra TGZ files to Office 365 account. User needs to download, install and run Zimbra Converter on their computer. After launching the tool, the user can import the TGZ files into their respective Office 365 account by entering their account’s correct credentials like username, password and email address.

The advanced software allows the user to transfer files from Zimbra to all Office 365 plans like Pro Plus, Business and Enterprise E1, E3 and E5.

How Do I Import Emails from Zimbra to Office 365 Batch using zMigrator ?

Step 1: Download the software from the above download button. Then, Install and run the zMigrator tool on your Windows computer / server. Activate the software by clicking on the ‘Activate’ button if you have purchased the software license. You can try the software without activating which will migrate a limited 25 items per folder to Office 365.


Note: If you name the TGZ files matching the user names in Office 365, then the software will auto-map all user mailboxes to the matching accounts in Office 365.

Step 2: Add exported TGZ files using ‘Add Files/Add Folder’ button and if you have an extracted folder then you can select ‘Add Extracted Folder’ option.

In the screen shot below we have clicked on ‘Add Folder’ button and selected the root folder containing all the TGZ files.

add tgz mailboxes

After that, adding the Zimbra TGZ files, the software will start analysing the files and folders. 1GB of data will get analysed and displayed within 30 minutes.

Note: The software program creates temporary files for processing TGZ file data, the default location of the temporary folder will be in C: drive and if you do not have sufficient space in C: drive or you do not want the temp files to be created in the C: drive, you can change the path to any desired location by clicking on File ⇒ Temporary Path ⇒ Change Path (please refer the screenshot below)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is temporary-path.jpg

Step 3: Once the TGZ folders are displayed, select the desired mailbox folders to migrate and click on ‘Convert’ button. Then, clicking on the ‘convert’ button saving options pop-up window will be displayed. Then, Select Saving Option as Office 365.


Step 4: Once you select the Office 365 saving option then, you can see the following options:

Change Language

If your TGZ / Office 365 email folders are in other language than English, you can check the option and select the language from the drop down.

I am Admin

For batch migration to Office 365 account, you need to use administrator account having mail delegation and application impersonation rights. Watch video to understand

How to Enable Mail Delegation:

How to Enable Application Impersonation Rights:

Copy to default folders

This feature will migrate default email folders (inbox, sent etc.) from Zimbra TGZ files to the default folders in Office 365 accounts.

Create log for messages not converted (in Zimbra to Office 365 Migration)

This option will give detailed saving log text including the information about the messages that are not migrated to Office 365.

Check the option ‘I am Admin’ and enter the administrator credentials and click on ‘Connect’ button to connect to Office 365. 


Step 5: The next screen will show you the mailbox mapping tab which is most important part of batch migration. After that, screen will display all your selected TGZ mailbox name in one column with header ‘Zimbra Users’ and automapped Office 365 accounts in next column with header Exchange Users. Then, You can validate the automapping and if you want to change the mapping, you can click on the ‘Select’ button against the user and select the desired user name from the list. Then, click on ‘convert’ button to start the migration.


NOTE: The software UI has a limitation to 100 rows this means if you want more than 100 TGZ files to be batch migrated to Office 365, the software will show up to 100 users. Also, as a solution to this limitation, we have added CSV upload option. You can create a CSV file with Office 365 username and user email address and upload to the tool and there is no limit on number of accounts. Kindly follow the steps given in the below link:

If you have any questions or concerns you can connect with us through email to [email protected]

Multiple Zimbra Account to Office 365 Migration

The RecoveryTools zMigrator is a simple and unique solution to transfer Zimbra to Office 365. It is the most reliable full-featured utility offering to complete, unified, and batch-free  conversion. Let’s see

How to Migrate Multiple Zimbra Mailboxes to Office 365

Import Zimbra emails to Microsoft 365 directly

The utility provides bulk data export from Zimbra to Office 365. Now move Zimbra emails, calendars, folders, briefcase to Exchange Online. Additional contacts, distribution list & groups are also supported by software to perform Zimbra desktop to Office 365 migration as well web client with ease.

Batch convert Zimbra to Office 365

In case of large number of Zimbra TGZ data files, the utility supports batch Zimbra data to O365 conversion in a group. The tool will take all TGZ files as Input and directly imports TGZ file items into Office 365 account. Choose Add Folders option to enable batch Zimbra email to O365 conversion.

Import Zimbra TGZ to Office 365 admin account

During Zimbra TGZ data to Office 365 interoperability & migration process, the tool keeps the Data folder structure & hierarchy 100% original. The tool maintains the tags, category, Read/Unread properties of emails exactly as it is in the Zimbra mailbox folder before importing it into Outlook web access.

What is Specialty of the Tool?

Set of abilities marks Zimbra to Microsoft 365 Migration tool an exceptional software to execute data migration process.

  • The user-friendly software interface of tool assurances to give users with easy migration procedure of data from Zimbra to O365 account.
  • In case you are apprehensive about the technical inputs then, you can be at comfort as the tool does not compromise on the technical end and offer all techniques needed to migrate Zimbra to Office 365.
  • Runs effortlessly on all editions of Windows OS without any limitations or any hang-ups practiced.
  • While you move Zimbra to OWA, the software will safeguard that data leftover secure and intact all the way through migration with even Metadata reserved continued as it is.
  • Also, it allows to migrate Zimbra calendar to Office 365 cloud account and Zimbra contacts to Office 365.
  • No, any external software is required for implementation of the process from import Zimbra to 0365 account.
  • Unlimited Zimbra data can be moved from one mailbox to the cloud easily.

Why Choose Zimbra Mail Converter For Migration

There are so many tool available in the market which migrate emails from Zimbra to O365 but which one is the best tool to perform migration, that is the big question of the users. To overcome all your issues regarding Zimbra to O365, Here we suggest you to use Zimbra Mail Converter because it is completely risk free and provides so many advanced features and benefits by which you can effortlessly move from Zimbra to O365.

Benefits of Zimbra File Converter

Easy & Direct Migration:

This utility has capability to migrate Zimbra emails to Office 365 account in a direct way. Using this software, you does not to do other formalities to perform migration. You just need to add Office 365 account credentials: email address and password for direct result.

Import Complete Zimbra Database:

Also, the software successfully import Zimbra TGZ emails, contacts, calendars, briefcase and other data items into Outlook 365 in accurate form. With this utility you can export required items of Zimbra mail.

Export Zimbra Contacts into Different Format:

The software provides you multiple contact saving option, such as export Zimbra contacts to vCard format, Outlook contacts, etc. as per your requirement.

Convert Zimbra Calendar to ICS:

The tool has facility to convert calendars data from Zimbra to ICS format. An ICS calendar file format is helpful to share or send calendars information to other users.

Preserves Zimbra Folder Hierarchy:

During migration, the tool always preserves the Zimbra folder hierarchy. Also, No data modification done with the original formatting of source file formatting and structure.

Final Words

In the above article, we have discussed in details how to migrate Zimbra to Office 365. With the help of this Zimbra Converter tool, the migration process can be done in just a few clicks without losing and modifying any data formatting and quality. This blog is dedicated to the Migration of both On-Premise as well as Cloud Zimbra Mailbox to Microsoft 365; the main focus is on Zimbra to Microsoft. The blog tells how you can migrate Zimbra to Office 365 with the help of zMigrator. There are several benefits of using zMigrator to Office 365 mailbox migration tool and those are; you can migrate single and multiple mailboxes, you can use CSV file for the mailbox migration, and much more exciting features.

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