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How to Break CSV into Smaller Files with Header – Complete Solution

Are you guys looking to split csv into multiple files keep header ? But not able to find any correct solution. If so, then no need to worry now. In this blog we are going to discuss about the same process. Read whole blog completely and stay tuned with us for more information.

User query: Hi. I am Jenifer.  I need to split my CSV file into about 3 to 4 unique files, while keeping the header row for all my files. But I want to do it as soon as possible. Is there any fast way to complete this? I want to CSV into multiple files keep header. Kindly help me out from this situation and suggest any best professional tool. Thankyou. 

Just like above user there are many users who are also searching solution for this issue. This process can be easily done by using professional solution. CSV Splitter is best – suited software for every user. This is a best CSV splitter tool for both home users and professional users.

How It Will Split CSV into Multiple Files With Header ?

This process is not much confusing as users are thinking. CSV Splitter application is an efficient application for every user. There is an option in the tool “no. of rows per split” where users have to put the number of rows, they want to keep in one file. Let’s understand this with the help of example:

Example: First user has to enter the number of rows they want each file to have or they have to calculate a value depending upon the number of resulting files user require. If user has about 400 rows and he puts “100” in the box. Then user will get 4 new files with index numbers “.0000”, “.0001”, “.0002” and “.0003”. Just hit on the split button after entering the required value.

Instant Solution: Break CSV into Smaller Files

Yes, a user can successfully split CSV into multiple files by using Best CSV splitter application. It is the best solution to break csv into smaller files. The process of split CSV into multiple files keep header can be completed with this solution.

Download the best CSV Splitter free trial for Windows from below link:

download csv splitter best tool windows
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Download the best .csv file splitter free trial for Mac from below link (features may vary):

download best csv splitter with header mac
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Trial limitation: The best thing about this application is it has two versions. One is demo version and another one is licensed version. The free trail edition of this software will only allow users to split 25 CSV files. If user wants to split more CSV file, then they have to purchase the licensed edition.

Steps to divide large CSV File into smaller files

Follow below – mentioned steps to complete task:

  1. First, download CSV splitter application on your system.
  2. Then Select Add files or folder option from the tool.
  3. After that, select required CSV files for conversion.
  4. Thereafter, user can browse and select a location to save output data.
  5. Finally, click on Split button to continue the process.

Split CSV into multiple files keep header by using Professional Solution

It is an efficient utility which will help users to split their CSV files into multiple files and more easily manageable files. User can split CSV files without making any modification in them. It can make smaller parts of CSV files to select the number of rows. User can also divide one or multiple CSV files simultaneously. It will give an instant CSV preview until splitting all CSV files. Users are independent to save the resultant data according to their convenience. It is an independent utility that in combination with CSV requires no other email application installation.

Top advantages of using CSV Splitter Application

Batch splitting of CSV File

This software allows users to split csv files in batch mode option. This CSV file splitter can separate various CSV files in to tiny CSV files. It also allows a smaller CSV file to be exported from a large CSV file just by maintaining the properties of the file.

Quickly splits the CSV files

Users just have to install the program and split the CSV files with a few quick clicks. Then, user will get a reliable solution in a couple of moments. There is no need for any technical experience to use this huge CSV Splitter Tool.

Tool divides CSV based on number of rows

This Splitter program allows the user to divide large CSV files. It can be done within the files based on the row number. These are tabular files, thus the user have to set the field “No. of rows per split file” with the desired number.

How to split CSV files into multiple files by keeping header – Steps

Users have to follow these quick and simple steps to accomplish this task without facing any issues:

  1. First, install and run CSV Splitter application on your working system.
install mac csv splitter
  1. Now, add CSV file to the software interface using Add files or Add folders.
add csv file to split with header
  1. Then, select checkbox “Does Source CSV File contain Column header” or “include header in each splitted file”.
Does Source CSV File contain Column header
  1. Thereafter, user have to fill the desired no. of rows per split in the application.
enter number of csv rows
  1. After clicking on Split button CSV Splitting process will complete.
csv split
  1. After completion of the task, a pop – up box will appear on the screen. Click on OK tap.
completed split
  1. After that, the folder with splitted CSV files opens up automatically after the whole process.
successfully break csv files to keep headers

Final Verdict

In this blog, it is described that how to split csv into multiple files keep header. It’s worth using a professional tool to accomplish this task easily. The best thing about this application is that, it can be use with ease. User need not to learn any technical skills to operate this program. It gives numerous advantages to the users to split, manage, sort, arrange emails.

So, that user will not have to face any difficulty at the time of using this program. Some time users need to convert there CSV contacts to VCF files and if you are one of them then please check out our there csv related topics too.

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