How to Backup Thunderbird Emails to External Hard Drive ?


When user is moving to a new computer or just for security reasons, he may want to take a backup, the first thing in their mind is how to backup Thunderbird Emails in Windows 10: all the emails, email accounts, contacts and configurations.

Mostly everyone recommend people to use “Mozilla Thunderbird” as an email client because it is free, secure. It’s supported by the huge Mozilla community and it updates frequently, covering the latest needs. Thunderbird is one of the most well-known and multi used -platform.

Ways to Store Thunderbird Mailboxes

Two methods through which user can backup Thunderbird emails, data and contacts are:

  1. User can do it by Manual method or,
  2. Can be done by Automated method as well

Backup Emails from Mozilla ThunderbirdManually

If user want to take backup of Thunderbird via manual method then he has to follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Thunderbird on your Windows platform.
  2. Then, user has to select Inbox or another Folder.
  3. After that, select the email you want to export or press CTRL+A to select all emails.
  4. Then, Drag and Drop to Folder.

The selected emails are now exported to the target folder. The EML files created in this way can be opened with many email programs.

Automated Solution to Export Thunderbird Mails

For using this solution user have to go for the tool which will help them in how to backup Thunderbird. User have to go for Thunderbird Backup Software, this tool will help them in taking backup.  It can auto locate Thunderbird database from Default configured Thunderbird Profiles. Thunderbird Export calendars with all events, tasks and reminders. Thunderbird migrator Preserve Thunderbird Email Attributes During Conversion: To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Date etc. It Export Local Folders Including Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Deleted, Junk etc. The main thing is it does not make any data loss during Mozilla Thunderbird email migration.

Mac users can use Mac Thunderbird Backup Tool

Download the Thunderbird backup tool free trial for Windows from below link:

Download Yahoo Backup Tool for Windows
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Download the Thunderbird backup tool free trial for Mac OS from below link:

Download for Mac OS
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How to Backup Thunderbird Data?

  1. Download Thunderbird Migrator and install it on your Windows platform.
  2. Then, user have to Convert configured Thunderbird mail app or have to select Thunderbird files/ folders.  
  3. Then ,select the desired email folder or select all folders.
  4. After that, s.elect the desired file format option in which you want to take backup of data.
  5. Then, select destination folder and click on convert tab.
  6. After that, completion a pop- up box will appear. Then, Click on OK. Backup process is completed now.

Features of taking backup of Thunderbird data

Export Thunderbird Contacts & Address Book

This tool proves to be helpful for users with questions such as exporting Thunderbird email address and exporting Thunderbird contacts. Fortunately, Thunderbird migrator allows user to take backup of contacts, calendars, name, address, email address, phone, mobile phone, etc.

Backup Multiple Mailbox Items

It is an advanced approach to save Thunderbird emails to file formats. User can easily store Thunderbird mailbox items such as email, contacts, calendar, address books, attachments, etc.

Keep the Original System Folder Hierarchy

If a user has an option to convert Thunderbird email to Entourage, Eudora Mail, The Bat! or another email client. During the transmission of emails, all details and related information of the Thunderbird mailbox are saved in the original. The hierarchy of the folder remains same even after the conversion process as well.

Load Configured Thunderbird Mailbox Items

Thunderbird migrator software is designed with advanced algorithms that allow the user to load Thunderbird mailbox data into the application window in two ways. The user needs to load Thunderbird mailbox files from the standard profile or from the local Thunderbird storage path based on the file or the folder with multiple Email files of different Thunderbird profiles.

Backup Emails and Attachments Easily

It allows the user to backup emails with any attached attachments. Each email can contain different types of attachment files such as images, text files, Word documents, zip archives, etc. With this Thunderbird converter software, users can convert all pasted attachments along with the emails while migrating to email clients.

Seamless Thunderbird Mailbox Migration

This utility was developed with such advanced technology that a user can take a backup of unlimited emails from Thunderbird accounts to the desktop and webmail service. There is no file size limit imposed on users when converting Thunderbird email accounts.

  • It exports Thunderbird Emails from Orphaned & Corrupted
  • Database files without requiring Thunderbird Email Client
  • Installation, it also saves single messages Output Files with
  • Desired file naming conventions (Subject, Date, From).

User can use trial version of this software as well, which is free of cost. In trial version they will be able to take backup of first 25 emails of each folder only and after satisfaction they can purchase the licensed version of this tool.

How to Backup Thunderbird Emails Windows 10 ?

Backup Thunderbird Email Folders

Bottom lines

Taking backup of data is not a complex thing but still there are users who found difficulties in taking backup of data. Same way users were facing hassle in how to backup thunderbird data. I have explained in this blog about both manual and automated solution. Through Thunderbird migration tool user will be able to take backup of Thunderbird emails, data and contacts.

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