Mozilla Thunderbird Not Working with Gmail Workspace – Solved


Is your Thunderbird not working with Gmail Workspace? As we all know, Google’s less secure app has been phased out from May 30, 2022. Mostly Gmail users are concerned about their personal data being compromise. For this, Google have provided an alternative method Google App Password solution. Not only that, other devices can also be connect to your Gmail Account. Therefore, we highly recommend that you must configure Thunderbird or other email clients using the app password and IMAP option enabled.

Thunderbird is an open source email and personal information management application developed by the Mozilla Foundation in 2003. It is design to seamlessly manage multiple email accounts with all sorts of features like quick search, message grouping, and email filtering. Another special feature would be how well Thunderbird works with Google’s Gmail. But like any other tech glitch, this one has some issues that have become common. This technical outage also causes Thunderbird to not work with Gmail.

What to Do If Thunderbird Doesn’t Work with Gmail Workspace

1. Enable IMAP Settings – If Thunderbird Not Working on Gmail

For Thunderbird to sync properly with Gmail, the first step is to set up IMAP. IMAP, or Internet Message Access Protocol, is a standard that stores all email and allows multiple client applications to see the actions performed on those emails. Enabling Gmail IMAP settings allows Thunderbird and Gmail to fully work together.

Enable IMAP access by following these steps:

  1. Firstly, Open your Gmail account.
  2. After that, click on the Settings tab in the upper right corner.
  3. Go directly to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” section.
  4. In the IMAP Access section, select Enable IMAP. Finally, click “Save Changes”.

2. Generate App Password – Fix Thunderbird Failed to Connect Gmail

Making your passwords different for each website or app also helps defend against hacking. Learn how to Generate Gmail App Password ?

3. Check SMTP Settings in Thunderbird

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) acts as a communication standard between different message transfer agents. It is constantly update and modify. Any flaw in the SMTP configuration can interrupt the flow of sending and receiving emails when using Thunderbird. Fix Gmail SMTP / IMAP / POP3 Settings.

Follow these steps to change the settings:

  1. Firstly, right click on the Gmail account that has the problem.
  2. Then, select “Account Settings” in the upper right corner.
  3. On the tabs on the left, click “Server Settings” to check them in detail.

4. Make Changes to Antivirus Software Settings

If the antivirus software installed on your computer classifies Thunderbird as a potential threat, it restricts the sending and receiving of emails through it. This could be the reason why email is blocked and Thunderbird doesn’t work well with Gmail. Follow these steps to change antivirus settings.

  1. Go to “Settings” on your system.
  2. Then, Under Update & Security, click Windows Security.
  3. Click Virus & threat protection, then click Manage settings.
  4. Under Add or remove exclusions, click Add exclusion and finally select Thunderbird.

5. Downgrade to a Previous Version of Thunderbird

If your service provider does not support the current version of Thunderbird, it is recommended to roll back to the previous version. This will solve the Thunderbird not working with Gmail issue.

6. Switch to a Different Email Client

Thunderbird uses MBOX formats to store emails. However, other email clients like Outlook have a wide range of features and users can migrate to them. To access MBOX in Outlook, the files need to be converted to PST format, which is a much more advanced format. PST files have better security features and even support multiple data types including emails, contacts, tasks, calendar, and notes. Converting an MBOX file to a PST file is difficult and must be done carefully and with accurate information about both types of formats. Even with a professional tool, the process can be complete in a very short time. One such tool is BitRecover MBOX to PST Converter Tool, which can easily convert MBOX to PST format. It is ideal for users who do not have the level of technical knowledge required to perform the task using manual methods.

7. Backup Data to Drive

A backup option is the first thing we recommend, as when you start an experiment you should save your available data. So, save Thunderbird data in to your backup drive.

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Thunderbird is an email management application develope by the Mozilla Foundation. However, there are some common problems when working with Gmail. First, make sure IMAP and SMTP settings are enable on Gmail and Thunderbird accounts. Also create app password to access thunderbird. Also, check if the antivirus software on your system is restricting the sending and receiving of emails. There are times when the current version of Thunderbird is not supported by the service provider. Here you need to downgrade or contact your ISP if Thunderbird not working with Gmail issue persists. You can also think of switching Thunderbird to Outlook by converting MBOX files to PST format.

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