How to Send Yahoo Emails to WhatsApp ?


WhatsApp have many features, we can chat, share videos, audio, location, etc. with WhatsApp. But we cannot send emails from Yahoo to WhatsApp directly. If you want to send Yahoo emails to WhatsApp, then this article will help you a lot in this scenario. Here, we will explain the way to send messages from Yahoo to WhatsApp. For sending Yahoo emails to WhatsApp user have to transfer the emails folders into your system. By using Yahoo Mail Backup Wizard, you can send Yahoo email emails to WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular and most used application amongst us nowadays. Anyone can use this easily. We use WhatsApp for communicating with peoples. It can be access anywhere and anytime, all we need is internet connection.

Why User Need to Send Yahoo Emails to WhatsApp ?      

User Can Delete Sent Yahoo Messages of WhatsApp

In WhatsApp there is a unique feature and i.e. if user has by mistakenly send a message to somewhen, he can delete that and receiver will not be able to see that message. But in Yahoo this feature is not available.

Free of Cost Application

WhatsApp is completely free of cost application. User can instantly share his ideas, documents or information to the person. So, when we need to send emails from Yahoo to any person, then user can share it by WhatsApp chat.

Contact People through Application

Messaging was the primary thing in WhatsApp. But now without balance, we can reach to the people without any problem.

Share Different Media of Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp

In WhatsApp user can share different types of media, it can be photos, audio, video, and even documents. Therefore, we can easily share Yahoo emails on WhatsApp when we need to share our email details to others.

Can Create Group to Send Yahoo Email to WhatsApp

If user wants to send emails from Yahoo to everyone at the same time, he can create a group in WhatsApp to share it. Want to keep the anonymity of recruits, broadcast it, only you will be able to know the people you send the message to.

End-to-End Encryption to Send Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp

All conversations you have on WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end. This means that your messages are secure and no one can read or access it except you or the person.

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How to Transfer Yahoo Emails to WhatsApp ?

There are some simple steps to transfer Yahoo emails to WhatsApp. User have to follow the steps:

  1. Install Yahoo Backup Wizard on your system and enter your Yahoo account credentials in the user interface panel.
  2. After that, select email folders which you want to send emails from Yahoo to WhatsApp and select PDF file as saving option.
  3. Then select the desired destination for saving the converted files.
  4. Then click on “Convert” conversion process will start, you can see the live conversion process on the screen
  5. After completion a pop- up box will appear. Click on OK.
  6. After that, your converted files are ready, you can go to the location to see those files.

Why It is Important to Convert Yahoo Emails into PDF Format ?

 We cannot send Yahoo emails to WhatsApp directly, for that first we have to convert emails into PDF format. PDF format is very easy to use and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Through Yahoo mail Backup Wizard user can convert Yahoo emails into PDF file format.

How Can I Send My Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp ?

After converting into PDF format, now finally user can send Yahoo email to WhatsApp.

  1. User have to open WhatsApp Web on his / her system and select the person or Group in which he has to send the PDF file.
  2. After that, click on document option and select the converted PDF file. User can select multiple files as well. After that, send emails from Yahoo to WhatsApp without any issues.

Benefits of Yahoo Mail Converter Tool

  • It provides advanced filters to take selective backup of Yahoo emails.
  • Backup Yahoo emails in 25+ common file types such as PST, PDF, EML, DOC, CSV, etc.
  • It downloads and arrange multiple Yahoo Emails and Multiple file naming options.
  • This tool will preserve internal structure, formatting and integrity of Yahoo mailbox emails.
  • Backup Yahoo mail emails to Hard drive, PC, Desktop and USB drives.
  • Supports all Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Bottom Lines

There are many ways available to share Yahoo to WhatsApp, but they are not equally secure. In the above content, we have explained the way to move Yahoo emails to WhatsApp. The software is a completely secure application. It’s never stored your personal details in the software database and interface caches. By following above mentioned steps you can easily convert Yahoo emails to WhatsApp, without facing any hassle.

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