How to Fix Yahoo Mail Cannot Download PDF Attachment – Solution


Email is a very convenient communication tool, letting you quickly and easily keep in touch with anyone in the world as long that person has Internet access. Many emails messages only contain text, but many others include attachments that can let you access additional files. The ability to receive, download and open email attachments in Yahoo email is crucial to everyone, as email attachments can contain invoices, memos and other important documents. But some users are facing difficulties in downloading attachments and Yahoo mail cannot download PDF attachment. And they get confuses in how to download pdf attachments from Yahoo mail.  If you use Yahoo for your email account, you can open attachments easily, and Yahoo will automatically scan attachments for you to check for viruses to your system.

Reasons: Yahoo Mail Cannot Download PDF Attachment

But nowadays users are facing difficulties in downloading attachments. Some of the issues are: 

Encrypted File Not Supported in Yahoo Mail

One of the main reasons behind the issue is Encryption of file. Whenever a person sends or receives an encrypted PDF file attached to the email, it won’t open up at the receiver’s end. Receiver will not be able to open the PDF attachment as it is in encrypted format. When Yahoo encounters an encrypted .pdf, .zip or .rar it refuses to load or send. As it is not good for sending sensitive financial information.

Window Got Frozen and Didn’t Move Further while Using Yahoo Mail

Sometimes user update their Windows like from 8.1 to 10. After that they are unable to download the attachments of their Yahoo mail. The monitor showed a blank white window screen and it seems like as it gets stuck somewhere.

Unable to Download the PDF Attachments of Yahoo Mail

At the time of using Yahoo mail suddenly users are unable to download and access pdf attachment of their account. Even after trying several times users are not able to access the pdf attachments.

Methods to Solve the Issue of How to Download Attachments from Yahoo Mail ?

Method 1: Solution to the Issue of Encrypted File Not Supported in Yahoo Mail

For solving this issue user have to check this thing:

Yahoo does not support encrypted files and this is to prevent important files from unwanted viewers. In the case of an encrypted file, user will find that Yahoo mail attachments not working. In that situation user can ask sender to resent the attachments in normal format(unencrypted).

Method 2: Solution to the Issue of Not Able to Open the PDF Attachments of Yahoo Mail

If users are not able to open PDF Attachments in Yahoo Mail, then they need to check the browser that you are using which supports Yahoo Mail. The list of browsers which support by Yahoo are Chrome version 25 or newer, IE 9.0, Safari 4.0 or newer and Firefox 19 or newer. If you still have the attachment problems in Yahoo after trying other solutions, then download one of the mentioned browsers.

Method 3: Solution to the Issue of Window Got Frozen and Didn’t Move Further While Using Yahoo

User face this situation if some extensions in the browser are preventing the attachment from getting exported.  User can try disabling all the extensions for a moment. If this does not work then, try forwarding your email to another email client. Such as Gmail or Outlook.

Method 4: Download Attachment Using Software

In case user is not able to solve the problem through manual solutions for the issue of how to download attachments from Yahoo mail then he can use software. Trying the Email Attachment Downloader will be good for user. Through this tool they will be able to solve their issue. This tool is specialized in downloading and extracting pdf attachments of Yahoo mail. This tool is fastest tool to extract pdf attachment. It has data filter options like Data range, Subject, To, etc.

 It downloads all the Yahoo email attachments selected by you and saves on the computer.

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How to Start Downloading PDF Attachments from Yahoo mail?

There are some simple steps through which user will be able to start downloading attachments from Yahoo mail: –

  1. Download Yahoo Mail Attachment Downloader and install it on your Windows platform.
  2. Then, login with your Yahoo account and select filter option and enter *.pdf as file extension.
  3. After that, select destination to save the resultant files.
  4. Then, start the process to download emails with attachments from Yahoo mail.

Trial version of this tool is also available, in which user will be able to convert first 25 emails. After satisfaction user can go for licensed version as well.

Once you get the emails on the computer system, open the emails in any supports mail client and view the PDF instantly. By doing this user will be able to see his attachments as well.

Watch the complete video tutorial:

Bottom line

Here, we have discussed about the issues facing by a user at the time of opening pdf attachment of Yahoo mail. Both manual and automatic solutions are also described here to resolve these issues. However, it might be possible that users could not resolve how to download pdf attachments from Yahoo mail through manual steps. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a tool. The tool works in a way that removes all issues from the PDF files and easily opens the attached PDF files.

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