How Do I Transfer My Bluehost Email to Office 365?


Looking for a way to migrate bluehost email to office 365? Or do you want to know how to move emails from Bluehost to Office 365 environment directly? If yes, then here you will get an amazing and complete solution. In this article, let’s explore how a user can migrate emails from Bluehost to O 365 account with ease. So keep reading this post.

What are the Reasons to Switch from Bluehost to Office 365?

Many users are switching to cloud-based email applications as they become more popular. Many users choose Office-365 for better work management due to several advantages such as: Standalone application, no security interruption, remote database access and more.

Since Office 365, also known as Microsoft 365, is a cloud-based application, a user can view their emails anytime, anywhere. Now we will also discuss the needs of a specific group of users who want to migrate emails from Bluehost to the Office 365 environment.

  • Microsoft 365 is a great email service for storing information securely because it prevents unauthorized access to your data.
  • The latest and updated features of Office 365 force users to leave the Bluehost app and switch their data to the Office 365 account.
  • Because M365 (Office 365) is a cloud-based email service, you won’t lose any of your information if you lose your device.
  • Online Office 365 can handle all business needs like a mix of emails, notes, contacts, calendars, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
migrate bluehost email to office 365

Only True Solution: Bluehost Migration to Office 365

 As mentioned above, we can conclude that a large number of users have been looking for a method to migrate Bluehost Email to Office 365 (Microsoft 365). This can be possible with the use of Email Backup Utility. It is designed with advanced algorithms to simplify the entire workflow.

Download the free trial for Windows from below link:

Download for migrate bluehost email to office 365
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Download the free trial for Mac from below link (Features may vary):

Download mac for migrate bluehost email to office 365
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Some Prominent Features of the Bluehost to M365 Solution

This migration software is design with some great algorithms that make it a high-tech solution. Whenever you face any problem and need to upload your Bluehost mailbox data to your Office 365 cloud account. Choose this wonderful bluehost migration to office 365 Utility without any delay. Users to batch export emails from Bluehost to Office 365 account in one try. Some of the important features of this wizard are below:

  • It is a very user friendly and easy to use application to migrate all emails and attachments from Bluehost to Microsoft 365 account.
  • You can easily transfer single or multiple Bluehost emails to your Office-365 account.
  • You can easily import all Bluehost mailbox folders with a subfolder in your M365 cloud account. It is known to manage the system folder hierarchy on the hard drive of the Bluehost mailbox database.
  • Various advanced filtering options can be applied to implement selective data migration from Bluehost mailboxes to Office 365.
  • A user just needs to add the Bluehost account credentials to upload data. It also has a smart batch option that allows you to upload unlimited Bluehost account database.
  • The tool keeps the original content without making any changes to the original content. All email details like Bcc, Subject, Email Headers, To, From, Cc, Date, Time, Attachments, Hyperlinks, Format, etc. are fully preserved.
  • Users get 100% accurate results with this imap bluehost to office 365 utility. No changes will be made with inserted attachments.
  • A user can download and use this tool on all latest and older versions of Windows operating systems like Win 11, Win 10, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 7, Win XP and more.

Understand the Full Working of the Bluehost Email to O365 Migration

  1. Download, install and open the Bluehost Migration Solution on a Windows operating system.
  2. Then, select the Bluehost option from the list of Email Sources. Add your Bluehost email account credentials, such as Email Address and Password.
  3. After that, select Only or All required Bluehost Folders displayed in the left panel.
  4. Then, select the M365 (Office 365) option from the dropdown list of over 20+ storage options.
  5. Then provide your Microsoft 365 account Credentials and click the Backup button to start the migration from Bluehost to Office 365.
  6. Once the migration process is completed successfully, hit the Ok tab to confirm and exit here as well.
  7. At the end, the tool creates a Saving Log Report that includes the Start Date and Time, Destination Path, Saving Option, Selected Source, Folder Path, Converted Items, Status, etc.

IMAP Migration from Bluehost to Office 365 Completely

Final Words

In this blog, I have provided the best and strong solution to export emails from Bluehost to Office 365 account with full details. This is very easy to do with the help of one of the best professional business mail backup utility, which I briefly explained above. Furthermore, the software also helps users to export tons of Bluehost email accounts to O365 admin account with ease.

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