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Compress PST File of MS Outlook 365/2019 / 2016 / 2010

Regularly removing redundant and unavailable emails is always a good check for PST file size. But this is not enough. In this regard, using the Mailbox Splitter Tool to reduce the size of PST files and compress PST file is also an important measure. In fact, it is using these techniques to reduce the PST size, because the size of the PST file will affect the critical reach after the limit of Microsoft Outlook, in extreme cases and the oversized PST file may have been corrupted by the normal function of this error in Outlook In the database file.

If daily communication includes sending and regular evaluations in Outlook to receive an “oversized PST” at the appropriate time emails, calendar updates, daily tasks and important tasks, magazines, etc., this result. It is always useful to take the recommended actions to keep the file size of the Microsoft Outlook database. However, as data grows, traditional methods may not be as successful. At some point the Outlook function is interrupt due to personal storage files or PST, and the user needs to use a software-based solution to compress the size of the PST file.

Why compress PST file? How does compression help?

When an oversized .pst file causes one or more of the following Microsoft Outlook issues, you need to compress the .pst file:

  • Slow in Microsoft Outlook
  • Corruption error in Outlook or Outlook PST file
  • Performance issues in Outlook
  • Outlook does not respond when opened

Compressing .pst files in MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 prevents .pst file corruption and helps improve Outlook performance.

Method of compressing Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 PST files

  1. Manual method:
    • Use the “Compact Now” option in Outlook
    • Archive old emails in PST
  2. Software method for compressing PST

1. Manual method:

  • For a short list of all manual method steps – “Compact Now” and “Archive Old emails in PST” are as follows:
  • In Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, users can archive their emails automatically or manually online.
  • Compressing PST files using manual methods is simple, but there are some limitations to these methods, such as compressing large PST files.
  • In addition, these methods can only compress a PST file until it does not reach its threshold.

2. Software method to compress PST File

Software like BitRecover Outlook Converter Wizard can manage and optimize Outlook database files. This software helps users compress PST files and allows the following:

  • Split PST large PST files to 2GB, 5 GB, and 10GB  chunks
  • PST splitter tool to split oversized Outlook PST file easily
  • Recover corrupted Outlook PST files before splitting
  • Break PST file and preserves structure & data integrity
  • Split Outlook PST file to any version of Microsoft Outlook
  • Supports all the versions of Windows operating system

If the .pst file is corrupted, then this tool will help repair the corrupted .pst and will further eliminate the possibility of PST file corruption.

Download the free trial from below link:

Download Now

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How to split large .pst file without Outlook?

Just follow these simple steps to break / split Outlook PST into smaller chunks.

  1. Run the Outlook PST Splitter and load the PST file into the software interface.
  2. Then, select the PST folders / files in the software panel and select PST as the storage format.
  3. Choose a file size from 2 GB, 5 GB, and 10 GB as needed.
  4. Then, select the destination path where you want to save the split PST file and click the Convert button.
  5. Once complete, you can easily get the PST file chunks.

In conclusion

Most PST files should be compressed on a regular basis. Even Outlook administrators recommend doing this, but users usually don’t. Online archiving helps users compress PST files in MS Outlook. However, this feature is limited to the latest version. However, if the PST file size exceeds the threshold, online archiving is not the final solution. Since Microsoft utilities are limited to compressing and merging PSTs, you only need to install software such as BitRecover Outlook Converter Wizard. The software compresses PST files in MS Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and earlier and helps them with a wide range of saving formats for converting outlook data file to PDF and many other formats.

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