Best Guide on How to Backup Roundcube Webmail


Are you a user of the Roundcube Webmail app and want to save Roundcube email to your computer? Then you don’t have to walk around. You will get the exact solution to export Roundcube email in a variety of file formats. This blog post will make it easy to import Roundcube mail into Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Office 365, Exchange, Yahoo, and more. For users, this is also a great solution for archiving and protecting Roundcube email. Just read the entire article to backup Roundcube webmail. Here you can understand how roundcube export all emails easily!

How Can You Backup Roundcube Webmail Data?

We have explained step-by-step instructions for migrating Roundcube to a new server. We have recommended both manual as well as automated solution, with the help of these methods you can easily export Roundcube Webmail data on other platforms. In addition, we tried to resolve the following user requests through this blog:

  • How to save Roundcube webmail with attachment?
  • Can I export emails from Roundcube?
  • How to download Roundcube Webmail?

Best Solutions to Export All Roundcube Emails Data to Different Platforms

In this section we will be going to explain in brief the manual steps to perform the required backup process.

  1. Migrate Roundcube data in individual email (.eml format)
  2. Export Rouncube all data in Mailbox (.mbox format)
  3. Using Software (Recommended)

Method 1: Manual Method for Extracting Individual Emails from Roundcube Webmail

  1. Login and open Roundcube Webmail.
  2. Select the desired single roundcube email and click on the “More” option.
  3. Under More options, select Download (.eml) and save the roundcube email.

Method 2. Export the Complete Roundcube Emails to MBOX Format

  1. Log in to the Roundcube mail, go to the “Export Mail” option in the left column, and view the mailbox folder, such as inbox, shipping, draft, trash, and more.
  2. Select a folder in the top menu, then select the desired Webmail folder, or select all folders. Then choose the action button.
  3. Then, select the download option [.zip format] from the list in the “Select” drop-down menu, which will save your email in Roundcube Webmail in the .mbox file format.
  4. After that, a pop-up window will appear confirming that the mailbox folder has been downloaded. Click the OK button and select a location.

Why to Use an Automated Solution to Backup Roundcube Webmail

To some extent it is difficult to find the right solution for the Roundcube email migration process. Since a wrong step can lead to data loss, we provide a reliable and error-free solution for exporting emails from Roundcube. The Roundcube Migration Tool is the right solution for securing emails. The software has a free trial version that you can test before you buy. In addition, you can export Roundcube all emails to Gmail and other platforms in a few simple steps.

Download the free trial for Windows from below link:

Download for how to backup roundcube webmail
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Download the free trial for Mac from below link (Features may vary):

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How Do I Export Emails from Roundcube ?

Following are the steps to backup / download / migrate Roundcube emails to multiple file formats or email clients and webmail services:

  1. Install and run Roundcube Backup Wizard
  2. Firstly, from the email source list, choose the Roundcube Webmail / IMAP / Webmail option to perform Roundcube email migration.
  3. Then, enter Roundcube credentials to initiate data backup process. Click on Login button.
  4. The tool will list all folders of your Roundcube webmail from the left side. Now, check the email folders that you want to backup.
  5. Then, choose the file format to save the emails. Here, we choose the PST format to export emails from Roundcube. Check Use Advance Settings for email filter options.
  6. After that, to backup Roundcube database, select the desired location to save your resultant data files.
  7. Then, click on the Backup button to start the process to backup Roundcube Webmail.

After the process gets completed you can check all emails of Roundcube Webmail, you will be notified with a message of completion. In the end, you can check all the converted files at the chosen location.

Learn How to Download Roundcube Emails

How to Export All Roundcube Webmail Emails

Some Benefits of the Roundcube Backup Wizard

  • Export Roundcube email to outlook
    The software is one of the best solutions for exporting Roundcube email to Outlook format.
  • The ability to convert cPanel Roundcube to the mail client format
    Display the “Export Roundcube directly to the mail client” option with the Roundcube Backup Wizard.
  • Maintain a hierarchy of folders and tags
    Webmail’s Roundcube application preserves the hierarchy of emails and their element or folder structure.
  • Various naming options for managing email are provided
    Roundcube Webmail Converter provides several naming options for specifying the desired name before the individual file conversion process.
  • Save the converted data to the location requested by the user function
    Roundcube backup Converter provides the option to save the converted data to the desired location.
  • Easy-to-use interface
    The user interface of the tool is easy to use and simplifies operation.
  • Support for all versions of Microsoft Outlook
    After exporting roundcube to PST format, the software can easily import PST files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc.


In the above article, we have provided a suitable solution to backup Roundcube webmail in a completely secure way. With a precise solution, you can easily back up all your emails in your roundcube mailbox. In addition, you can save your data to other possibilities in the desired format. The tool also has a DEMO version that can be used to migrate Roundcube to a new server.

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